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Varnava (Rosic) of Serbia

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[[Holy Synod]] elected him on [[March 18]]/31, 1910 as [[auxiliary bishop]] to the Metropolitan of Veles with title ''Bishop of Glavnica''. He was consecrated on [[April 10]]/23, 1910 which was [[Lazarus Saturday]], by metropolitans: Philaretos of Didomitice, Dorotheos of Sosgatople, Polycarp of Eleason, Sophronios of Pryconya and Anthim of Sarandeclesia in Constantinople Cathedral Shurch of Saint George.
Territory of his [[diocese]] was conquered by Serbia on First Balkan War (1912-1913). He was then given administration of several dioceses. Bp. Varnava organized Spiritual Courts, rebuilt churches, and established schools. When World War I began Bp. Varnava retreated with Serbian Army into Greece through Albania.
After war he was appointed administrator of all dioceses in Macedonia. He participated in reestablishing of [[Church of Serbia|Serbian Orthodox Church]] in 1920. He soon was elected Metropolitan of Skoplje [[November 17]]/30, 1920.
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