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I wrote an article entitled [ Sola Scriptura: In the Vanity of Their Minds], which laid out many of the theological reasons for my conversion. This article was published in the Christian Activist in 1995, and then was published in a revised and somewhat expanded form by [[Conciliar Press]] in 1996, under the title [ Sola Scriptura: An Orthodox Analysis of the Cornerstone of Reformation Theology].
I married Wendy Chia-Wei Woo in 1988, who was baptized in 1991 and took the name "Patricia". I now have two daughters, Elizabeth and Catherine, and you can see them all in [ this photo] with Fr. [[ Elias Wen]] (who turned 110 in 2006, and is perhaps the oldest living priest in the Russian Orthodox Church).
I was ordained a deacon by [[Archbishop Hillarion]] on March 4th, 1995, and a priest by [[Bishop Gabriel]] on January 14th, 2001.
You can read some articles I have written over the years by [ clicking here].

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