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Demetrios (Kantzavelos) of Mokissos

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On [[October 30]], 2006, the [[Holy Synod]] of the Ecumenical Patriarchate elected Fr. Demetrios as Bishop of the [[titular]] see of Mokissos. The [[Mega Minima]] took place at the Archdiocesan Chapel of St. Paul on [[December 7]], 2006, with the consecration taking place at Chicago's Assumption Church on [[December 9]]. Concelebrating hierarchs were ABp. [[Demetrios (Trakatellis) of America|Demetrios]], Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago, Metr. [[Maximos (Aghiorgoussis) of Pittsburgh|Maximos of Pittsburgh]], Metr. [[Isaiah (Chronopoulos) of Denver|Isaiah of Denver]], Metr. [[Paisios (Loulourgas) of Tyana|Paisios of Tyana]], Abp. [[Damaskinos of Jaffa]], Abp. [[Nicolae (Condrea) of America|Nicolae]] of the [[Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America and Canada]], Bp. [[Philotheos (Karamitsos) of Meloa|Philotheos of Meloa]], Bp. [[Savas (Zembillas) of Troas|Savas of Troas]], Bp. [[Andonios (Paropoulos) of Phasiane|Andonios of Phasiane]], and Bp. [[Ilia (Katre) of Philomelion|Ilia of Philomelion]].
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