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Barnabas (Nastić) of Hvosno

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Soon began new troubles for Bishop Varnava. He openly critsed new comunist regime for mistreating of Church. He was arested soon, and sentenced for twenty year preason. He is acused for being American spy. On of "prooves" vas the fact that "he was teching his sister English, so she can be used as American spy".
Bishop Varnava was tortured hunger, and was in most isolated prison wing. But Bishop Varnava remained calm. Evry day he was singing troparia and other Hymns. Comunist Governmant even aranged on tryn accident in order to kill him. He broke his leg in this accident. OZNA (People's Protection Departmant, Yugoslavian comunist seecret police ) did not alow doctors to give him medical help. He is released in house aresst in Gomionica Monastery, Diocese of Banja Luka, after accident.
Bishop Varnava was relesed 1960. He died [[November 12]], 1964. Some historians belivs that he was poisoned by OZNA.
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