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Joanicius II of Peć

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Our Father amon saints father among the [[saint]]s '''Joanikije II of Pec''' (also Joanicius, Serbian: Свети Јонакије патријарх српски) was the first Serbian Patriarch[[patriarch]]. His Feast [[feast day]] is [[September 3]]/16]].
== Archbishop ==He was elected [[Archbishop ]] of Peć, between [[December 19]], 1337 and [[January 3]], 1338. Before he was elected , he was ''logothetos'' , royal chancellor. He was folowing in steps of his great predccessors. He was raised elevated to Patriarch , and Archbishopric Archbishop of Peć to Patriarchate on [[Palm Sunday]], [[April 6]], 1346. This was in order to done so that Joanikije could coronate King Stefan Uroš IV Dušan Car as tsar (Emperoremperor). This Elevation was don with aproval Trnovo Patriarchate and Archbishopric of Ohrid. Coronation corontion took a place on [[Pascha]] of 1346with the approval of the Patriarch of Trnovo, Archbishop of Ohrid, and community of [[Mount Athos]].
Patr. Joanikije proceded continued a tradition of building Churches [[church]]es and Monasteries[[monastery|monasteries]]. He built. amon the , among others , two Churches churches in the Holy Land: the Church of Saint Elias on Carmel and the Church of Saint Nicholas o n on Mount TavorTabor.
Once, the pope sent an envoy to make a proposal to the Serbian emperor and the patriarch. Saint Joanikije, however, refused to recognize new Western new teachings. Saint Joanikije died [[September 3]], 1354. He was buried in Peć [[Monastery]].
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