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Daniel II of Pec

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Our father among the [[saint]]s Danilo '''Daniel II of Pec''' (''also Daniel,in Serbian:'''''Свети Данило аргиепископ арxиепископ српски ''') was a Serbian Archbishop [[archbishop]] from 1324 to 13271337. His feast is [[December 20January 2]],([[January 2December 20]] ) in Gregorian the [[Julian Calendar]]). He was a nobleman and was in a part of the court of St. king King Milutin of Serbia (1282-1321). He left cort the court for the [[Monastery ]] of Saint St. Nikolas in Končul. We don't know his baptismal name.
===As a monk===
Archbishop St. Jevstavije took the young [[monk]] Daniel as his syncellos (cell attendant, a prominent position that also included many other duties). Soon Daniel left for [[Mount Athos]], where he was elected [[igumen]] of Hilandar. During his tenure as igumen, Mount Athos was attacked several times by Ctaluanian pirates. Daniel was forced to take up the sword and defend the holy monastery from the pirates. Daniel retired in 1311 to the ascetic cell of St. [[Sava of Serbia|Sava]].
== As monk =Bishop===Daniel received a call from Serbia to return to become [[Bishop]] of Banjska. After he accepted the post, he served as bishop until 1315. In 1314 he was present during the last moments of St. Queen Jelena, mother of King Milutin. He described her last moments in his ''Lives of Kings and Archbishops of Serbia.'' Daniel retired again and returned to his beloved Mount Athos.
Archbishop When Abp. St. Jevstavije took yong monk Danilo for his syncellos. Soon Dnilo left for Mount Athos, wher he was elected Sava III died on [[igumenJuly 26]] of Hilandar, the king proposed Daniel as the new archbishop. During Daniel instead proposed his tenuredisciple, as igumenSt. Nikodim, Mount Athos for the position. St. Nikodim was several times ataced by Ctaluanian pirateselected, but the king also insisted that Daniel should remain in Serbia. Danilo To accommodate the king, he accepted the position of Bishop of Zahumlje. Daniel was forced to take sword at King Milutin's death bed and to defend holy buried him in Banjska Monastery from pirates. Danilo decided to retire 1311 and gon for Karey in ascetic cell of Saint [[Sava of Serbia|Sava]].
Daniel again returned to [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Hilandar Monastery]] in 1322, and Stefan Pepkalo succeeded him as Bishop of Zahumlje. When St. Nikodim died in 1324, Daniel was elected the 11th Archbishop of Serbia on [[September 14]], 1324.
== Bishop =Archbishop===Abp. Daniel helped the new king, St. Stefan Uroš III, in building the magnificent Dečani Monastery. He also built the Church of the [[Theotokos]] Hodegetria in the Peć Monastery for Greek monks and the small [[church]] of St. Nicholas. Additionally, during his reign the rebuilding the Žiča Monastery was completed and the construction of the Church of St. George in Maglič and the Churches of St. Michael in Jelšika and St. Sava in Liznica were begun. He followed in the steps of St. Sava, his great predecessor.
Soon Danilo recived call from Serbia to come back and became Bishop of Banjska. He acepted and was bishop until 1315Abp. He Daniel was present in last moments also one of Saint quin Jelena Mother of King Milutin 1314the greatest Serbian medieval writers. He described this moments in his His most importnant work is the ''Lives of Kings and Archbishops of Serbia.'' Daniolo retire again and left for his belowed Mount of Athos.
When archbishop St. Sava III died [[July 26]], King proposed Danilo for new Archbishop. Danilo insted himself proposed his disciple Saint Nikodim. Saint Nikodim was elected. But King was insisting that Danilo should be in Serbia so he became bishop of Zahumlje.Danilo was at King Milutin's death bad and buried him in Banjska Monastery.  Danilo again gone for Hilandar 1322 and famous Stefan Pepkalo succeded him as Bishop of Zahumlje. When St. Nikodim died 1324, Danilo was elected [[September 14]], 1324 11th Archbishop of Serbia.  ==Archbishop== Danilo was helping new king Saint Stefan Uroš III in building magnificent Dečani Monastery. He built Church of Theotokos Hodegetria in Peć Monastery for Greek monks. He also built small church of Saint Nicholas. He finished rebuilding Žiča Monastery. His other foundations are Church of saint George in Maglič, church of St. Michael in Jelšika, St. Sava in Liznica. He was falowing in steps Saint Sava, his great predccessor. He was also one of Daniel entered the greatest serbian meadevel writers. His most importnant work is ''Lives of Kings and Archbishops of Serbia''. St. Danilo entred in Kingdom of Heaven [[December 19]] , 1337.
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