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Vasilije (Kostić) of Žiča

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His Grace the Right Reverend Dr. '''Vasilije (Kostić)''' (Serbian: '''епископ др Василије (Костић)''') was the Serbian Orthodox [[bishop]] of Banja Luka from 1947 to 1961 and of Žiča from 1961 to 1978.
He was born as Tihomir Kostić in Veliki Jovanovac near Pirot. He graduated from the gymnasium in Pirot, from the [[seminary]] in Sremski Karlovci, and from the Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade. He was [[tonsure]]d in Monastery Jošanica as a student. He obtained his theology doctorate in Athens, graduating in 1940. He was [[ordain]]ed [[deacon]] and [[priest]] on [[July 11]] and [[July 12|12]], 1934. Fr. Vasilije was a [[disciple]] of St. [[Nikolai Velimirovic|Nikolaj]] of Žiča. Fr. Vasilije was clerk of sentence Synod, teacher in the monastic school in [[Ostrog Monastery]], and a teacher in the seminaries in Bitola and Prizren. When World War Two broke out, he was arrested together with St. Nikolaj and Patriarch [[Gavrilo V (Dozic-Medenica) of Serbia|Gavrilo]].
The Holy Assembly of Bishops of Serbian Orthodox Church elected him Bishop of Banja Luka during its first post-World War II regular session on [[May 20]], 1947. He was consecrated by [[Patriarch]] Gavrilo and two other bishops. As the communist regime gave him a lot of trouble, the Holy Assembly of Bishops transferred him on [[See]] of Žiča in 1961. There he succeeded the newly elected Patriarch German as Bishop of Žiča. Bishop Vasilije died in 1978.
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