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Gabriel (Dožić) of Serbia

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Early life
== Early life ==
He was born in Donja Morača. His [[baptism]]al name was Đorđe. He graduated from [[seminary]] in Prizren in 1901. He obtained a theology doctorate in Athens in 1904. He was [[tonsure]]d as seminarian and [[ordain]]ed a [[priest]] on [[March 4]]/[[March 17|17]], by Bishop Nikanor of Niš in Sićevac Monastery. He was Secretary Genaeral General of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Hilandar Monastery]], referent in Serbian embassy in Constantinople. He also visited Switzerland and France in order to study French. He was elected Metropolitan of Raška and Prizren on [[December 4]]/[[December 17|17]], 1911. He served this [[see]] until 1913 when he was transferred to the see of Peć. He was elected Metropolitan of Montenegro and Coastlands on [[November 17]]/[[November 30|30]], 1920.
== Patriarch ==
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