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Gabriel (Dožić) of Serbia

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Dr Gavrilo (Dožić) ('''Његова Светост др Гаврило (Дожић) ''') was serbian patriarch from 1937 1938 to 1950. He was Born in Donja Morača. His baptismal name was Đorđe.
== Early life ==
He graduated Seminary in Prizren 1901. He obtained theology doctorate in Athens 1904. He is tonsured as seminarian and ordained preast March 4/17, by Bishop Nikanor of Niš in Sićevac Monastery.He was Secretary Genaeral of Monastery Hilandar, referent in Serbian ambasy in Constantinople. He also visted Switzerland and france in order to stady French Language. He is elected Metropolitan of Raška and Prizren December4/17 1911. He was on this see until 1913 when he was trannsfered to see of Peć. He is elected Metropoliten Metropolitan of Momtenegro Montenegro and Coastlands November 17/30 , 1920.
== Patriarch ==
He is elected Patriarch February 21/March 6, 1938. New Patriarch was very cucessfull in resolving of actual problems. He was outspoken critic of nazism so he together with Saint Nikolaj was arested . He was first under house arest in monasteries Rakovacia and Vojlovica and Later in Dachau. After war he wasn't permited to came back until November14, 1946. He created six new dioceses after war.He put a lot efforts to deal with new regime. He died Maz May 7, 1950. His remains are buried in Belgrade Cathedral Church together with Princes Miloš and Mihajlo.{{start box}}{{succession|before= ?|title=Metropollitan of Raška and Prizren|years=1911-1913|after=Serafim (as bishop)}}{{succession|before=New creation]|title=Metropolitan of Peć|years=1913-1920|after=Jerotej (as bishop)}}{{succession|before=Mitrofan|title=Metropollitan of Montenegro and Litoral|years=1920-1938|after=[[Joanikije(Lipovac) of Montenegro|St. Joanikije]]}}{{succession|before=[[Varnava (Rosic)of Serbia|Varnava]]|title=[[List of Patriarchs of Serbia|Patriarch of Serbia]]|years=1938-1950|after=[[Vikentije II of Serbia|Vikentije]]}}{{end box}} [[Category:Bishops]][[Category:Patriarchs of Serbia]]
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