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Sava II of Pec

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Saint Sava II was third Serbian archbishop. He was born as Predislav. His parents were Stefan Firstcrowned and his quin consort Ana Dandolo. This was second Stefan's mariage. Exact date of his birth is not known birth is not known. All three of Predislav's brothers were Serbian kings.
Radoslav (1228-1233), Saint Vladislav (1233-1243)(died 1277) and Stefan Uroš I (1243-1276).
Folowing steps of his uncle [[Sava of Serbia |St. Sava]] Predislav renonced renounced all his titles and took monastic vows in monastery of Hilandar. His monastic name was also Sava He was elected Bishop of Hum 1254, region wich his uncle breafly rulled. He participated in State counciil in Church of Saint Peter on Lim, this was his cathedral. After Archbishop Arsenije suffered stroke, Sava was elected Archbishop. He was good Archbishop
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