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Simeon the Myrrh-flowing

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Nemanja also introduced Orthodox Christianity in Duklja. Soon Duklja becam as much as Raška dominantly Orthodox.
New Emperor Isaac II Angelos 1190, Raised a large army against Serbs and defeated them in the battle of Ravno. Soon peace treaty was signed Nemanja Gained independence but Byzantines was given back Niš, Ravno i Skoplje.Nemanja's second son and heir Stefan, future serbian king (later Saint Simon the Monk), married Emperor's niece Eudoxia and received the title of Sebastokrator second higest after Emperor. == Abdication ==Stefan's father-in-law Alexius became emperor as Alexius III Angelos (1195-1202).Nemanja called State Concile(Државни Сабор) on March 25, 1195. He abdicated in favour of Stefan
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