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Ambrose (Cantacuzène) of Geneva

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His Grace Bishop Ambrose (Cantacuzene) was bishop of Geneva and Western Europe for the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]] until his retirement in 2006. He is currently the rector of the Russian Orthodox parish in Vevey, Switzerland.
The future Bishop Ambrose, in the world Peter Cantacuzene, was born on 16 (3) September, 1947, in Vevey, Switzerland to Prince Peter Georgievich Cantacuzene and Olga Alekseevna, n&eaigueacute;e Orlova. He is a descendant of the Byzantine royal house. He received his education in the classics and then graduated from the law school at Lausanne University. He then taught French and basic jurisprudence.
In 1972 he was tonsured a [[reader]] in Vevey. In 1974 he participated in the [[Third All-Diaspora Council]].

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