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Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Switzerland

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The '''Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Switzerland''', headquartered in Chambésy (near Geneva), Switzerland, is a [[diocese]] of the [[Church of Constantinople]]. Its current [[primate]] is His Eminence [[Jeremias (Calligiorgis) of Switzerland|Jeremias (Calligiorgis)]], [[Metropolitan]] of Switzerland.
name=Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Switzerland[[Image:Switzerland logo.gif|center|Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Switzerland]]|
jurisdiction=[[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]]|
== History ==
* 2 October 1982, foundation of the Metropolis
== Organization ==
* [ Official Website of the Metropolis]
* [ Official Website of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople]
* [ Orthodox Center of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Chambésy, Geneva]
* [ Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Orthodox Theology, Chambésy, Geneva]

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