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A '''saint''' (from Latin, ''sanctus'') is one who is '''holy''', that is, set apart for God's service. It is a person who has cooperated with God’s grace to the extent that his or her holiness is beyond doubt.
==Saints in the Bible==
Saints are not thought of as either perfect or infallible, and it is only because of the work of Christ in them that the Church praises these people. It is because we see our Lord's countenance reflected most clearly in their faces that we publicly laud them, ask them to pray for us, and encourage one another to follow their examples.
==Recognition of saints==
The people of the church do not create saints, they recognize as saints those whom God himself has glorified, seeing in their lives true love for God and their neighbors.
From the beginning, the Church recognized the righteous ancestors of Christ, [[forefather]]s, as grace-filled men and women whose lives were pleasing to God. Also the [[prophet]]s who predicted Christ’s coming and the [[apostles]] and [[evangelist]]s who proclaimed the Gospel were assumed to be saints.
Next the [[martyrs]] and [[confessor]]s who risked their lives and shed their blood in witness to Christ were also recognized as saints.
In time, [[ascetic]]s who followed Christ through self denial, were numbered among the saints.
[[Bishops]] and [[priests]] who fought against [[heresy]] and proclaimed the true faith are recognized by the Church as saints.
Today, holy people, in all walks of life, can be recognized as saints.
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