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Vasilije (Kostić) of Žiča

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His Grace the Right Reverend Dr. '''Vasilije (Kostić)''' (Serbian: '''епископ др Василије (Костић)''') was the Serbian Orthodox [[bishop ]] of Banja Luka (from 1947-to 1961) and of Žiča (from 1961-to 1978.  He was born as Tihomir Kostić in Veliki Jovanovac near Pirot. He graduated from the gymnasium in Pirot, from the [[seminary]] in Sremski Karlovci, and from the Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade. He was [[tonsure]]d in Monastery Jošanica as a student. He obtained his theology doctorate in Athens, graduating in 1940. He was [[ordain]]ed [[deacon]] and [[priest]] on [[July 11]] and [[July 12|12]], 1934. Fr. Vasilije was a [[disciple]] of St. [[Nikolai Velimirovic|Nikolaj]] of Žiča. Fr. Vasilije was clerk of sentence Synod, teacher in the monastic school in [[Ostrog Monastery]], and a teacher in the seminaries in Bitola and Prizren. When World War Two broke out, he was arrested together with St. Nikolaj and Patriarch [[Gavrilo V (Dozic-Medenica)of Serbia|Gavrilo]]The Holy Assembly of Bishops of Serbian Orthodox Church for elected him Bishop of Banja Luka, on during its first post-war World War II regular sessionon [[May 20]], 1947. He is ordaind was consecrated by Patriarc [[Patriarch]] Gavrilo and two other Bishops bishops. Comunist As the communist regime gave him a lot of trobles so trouble, the Holy Assembly transfered of Bishops transferred him on Bishopric [[See]] of Žiča in 1961. He There he succeeded the newly elected Patriarch German as Bishop of Žiča. Bishop Vasilije died in 1978.
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