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List of Metropolitans and Bishops of Banja Luka

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The [[Diocese ]] of Banja Luka of Serbian Orthodox Church is fonded was founded in 1900 by the [[Holy Synod ]] of Ecumeical Patriarchate the [[Ecumenical Patriarch]]ate from the western part of the Diocese of Dabro-Bosna.
== Diocesans Diocesan Bishops==Metropoliten * Metropolitan Evgenije (1900-1907)Metropoliten * Metropolitan [[Vasilije (PopovicPopović) of Banja Luka|Vasilije]] (1907-1937)* Bishop St. [[Platon of Banja Luka|Saint Platon]] (1939-1941)* Bishop Dr . [[Vasilije (Kostić) of Žiča|Vasilije]] (1947-1961)* Bishop Dr . [[Andrej (Frusic) of Banja Luka|Andrej]] (1961-1980)* Bishop [[Jefrem (Milutinovic) of Banja Luka|Jefrem]] (1980-present)[[Category:Bishops|Banja Luka]]
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