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[[Image:Alexis of Wilkes-Barre tombArchangel Gabriel fresco.jpg|100px|left]] Our righteous father The Holy '''''[[Alexis of Wilkes-BarreArchangel Gabriel]]''''' was a has been called the leader of the heavenly hosts; he is associated with numerous happenings in [[Holy Scripture]], particularly his revelation to the [[missionaryTheotokos]] that she would bear [[priestChrist]], sent from . Thus his homeland in Slovakia as a primary role has been called one of announcing the [[Soteriology|salvation]] of mankind. The Church celebrates the [[UniateSynaxis]], who, in order to serve and protect his flock in of the United States in a hostile Latin environment[[Archangel]] Gabriel on [[March 26]], recognized the need to lead them in a return to their Orthodox Christian heritage. Father Alexis Toth gained day following the distinction Feast of being the first Uniate Greek Rite Catholic priest in America to lead his people in reunion [[Annunciation]], and again on [[July 13]]; he is also commemorated together with all the Orthodox ChurchArchangels on their Synaxis date, [[November 8]].
Having been sent originally to America to be a missionary to the immigrantsThe reason why Gabriel is most celebrated, Father Alexis, in is his new role, was to fulfill his destiny as in the missionary leading his people back to the Orthodox Church. Through his efforts over 20,000 Carpatho-Russian and Galician uniates were re-united with the Orthodox Church. On [[May 7Annunciation]], 1909, he died and was buried other events in a special shrine at the [[St. Tikhon's Orthodox Monastery (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)New Testament]]times attributed to him by Tradition. On Starting in [[May 29Gospel of Luke|Luke]]1, 1994Gabriel first appears to [[Zachariah]], Protopresbyter Alexis Toth was the father of [[glorificationJohn the Forerunner|glorifiedJohn the Baptist]] as St. Alexis Zachariah initially refuses to believe that his barren wife, Elizabeth, and he will have a child in their old age. Gabriel then strikes Zachariah mute until the birth of Wilkes-Barrehis son because of his disbelief. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[May 7]].
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