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Holy Order of MANS

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Real Property
=== Real Property ===
In reality, some question the validity of true [[conversion]] to the Orthodox faith by members of Christ the Saviour Brotherhood. [ It is reported] that many of the properties once belonging to HOOM actually stayed legally in possession of HOOM long after the Order was said to be dissolved, as late as the year 2000. It has also been stated that CSB continued to operate as a non-profit organization under the HOOM name with very little change in their articles of incorporation. CSB has stated that the Holy Order of Mans name was kept registered to prevent splinter/new groups from using it. Several [ religious cults] still exist today because of the influence of HOOM. In fact, in some ways, [ HOOM still exists] to this day.
'''[ Raphael House]''', a property previously belonging to HOOM was originally an integrated charitable activity of CSB, but was incorporated as its own California [ nonprofit organization] in 1991. [ It is under] the [[OCA]] jurisdiction.

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