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Lenten Triodion

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The '''Lenten Triodion''' is the service book of the Orthodox Church that provides the texts for the divine services for the pre-Lenten weeks of preparation, [[Great Lent]], and [[Holy Week]]. ''The Lenten Triodion'' is the title of a classic and popular English book translated with an extensive and helpful introduction by [[Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia|Metropolitan Kallistos]] and Mother Mary; it provides many (but not all) of the texts necessary to observe the great fast. In Greek and Slavonic it is simply called the ''triodion''. It is called the ''triodion'' because the canons appointed for Orthros [[Matins]] during this period are composed of three odes each.
The weeks of preparation, and especially the Sunday [[gospel]] readings, serve to exercise the mind, whereas the fasting of Great Lent focuses on the body, and Holy Week's services exercise the spirit.

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