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St. John the Baptist Cathedral (Mayfield, Pennsylvania)

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Recent Years 1982-Present
On September 20, 1981, Saint John's celebrated the 90th anniversary of the parish. The faithful, on that occasion, erected a plaque in the vestibule of the church, quoting from Archbishop (later Patriarch and now Saint) Tikhon during his historic visit to Mayfield from February 20-23, 1907, when he presided over the first Orthodox All-American Sobor. Archbishop (Saint) Tikhon proclaimed: "Our North American Orthodox Church considers itself to be the Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church, embracing all nations, languages, and the world, as the first to proclaim the Orthodox Faith her in America." The Divine Liturgy was celebrated on Sunday, September 20, 1981, with Metropolitan Theodosius (Lazor) and Bishop Herman (Swaiko) present.
== Recent Years 1982-Present ==[[Image:]]== Recent Years 1982-Present ==

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