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Sergius of Radonezh

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[[Image:Vasnetsov_sergij_radonezh.jpg|thumb|right|[[Icon]] of St. Sergii Radonezhsky written for Abramtsevo [[church]] by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1882.]]
Our venerable father among the saints, the Venerable '''Sergius of Radonezh''' was a leading Russian [[monk]] in the fourteenth century who founded the [[Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra|Holy Trinity]] [[monastery]] north of Moscow. He is much revered and has a special place in Russian monasticism and the nation of Russia. An [[ascetic]], he was deeply humble and had a firm faith in God’s God's help. After his glorification the monastery he founded became known as the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.
As Holy Trinity monastery grew, Sergius began to send his disciples to spread the Gospel to the natives across central and northern Russia during the reign of Dmitri Ivanovich called Donskoy. The number of monasteries founded by these disciples approached 400, established in the most impractical places. These included the monasteries of Borisoglebsky near Rostov, Ferapontov, Kyrillo-Belozersky, Golutvin in Kolomna, and Pokrovsky near Borovsk. All these monasteries formed links of a new country centered around Moscow. As the commerce centering on Holy Trinity monastery increased a settlement was formed at the monastery gates that grew into the town of Sergiev Posad.
The news of his life and works of wonder spread far and wide. The [[Patriarch of Constantinople]], Philotheus sent him a charter confirming the new rules of community cloister life established by Sergius at the Holy Trinity Monastery. Metr. Alexei of Moscow honored Sergius as a friend and entrusted him in the tasks of reconciling differences among the princes of Moscow and Russia. He wished to honor Sergius with the award of a gold cross, and even offered in 1378 to make Sergius his successor as [[metropolitan]] of Moscow. But, these honors did not fit with Sergius’ Sergius' [[ascetic]] life, and he refused both.
In the Russian struggles with the Tatar Khan Mamai, Sergius blessed the Prince Dimitri Ivanovich as he departed for battle in 1380 with the words, ''"Go fearless prince and believe in God’s God's help"''. Dimitri’s Dimitri's victory at the Battle of Kulikovo was decisive in the history of Russia.
In time his monastery became among the most renowned in Russia.
In view of the stature of his place among Russian saints, he has been honored by adding his name to the monastery he founded: Trinity-Sergius Lavra.
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