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In the Slavic world (under the Moscow Patriarchate :[[Church of Russia]], [[Church of Ukraine]]) there are five Lavra's of particular note:
*'''[[Kiev Pechersk Lavra]].''' in Kiev, Ukraine. This monastery, often called the [[Monastery of the Kiev Caves]], was founded in 1051 by [[Anthony of the Caves]] and [[Theodosius of the Kiev Caves|Theodosius]].
*'''Pochayiv Lavra''' (''Pochaev'') - has for centuries been the foremost spiritual and ideological centre of various Orthodox denominations in Western Ukraine. The monastery tops a 60-metre hill in the town of Pochayiv, Ternopil Oblast, 18 km southwest of Kremenets and 50 km north of Ternopil. It was established a Lavra in 1833.
*'''Trinity Lavra of St Sergius''' at Sergiyev Posad, Russia. This monastery was founded in 1345 by [[Sergius of Radonezh]], the most venerated of Russian [[saint]]s. Tsarina Elizabeth elevated the monastery to the dignity of a Lavra in 1744.

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