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A New Place to Play
==Comments and Quotes, Endorsements and Criticisms==
===They’ve got their own Wiki!===
"They’ve got their own Wiki! I love the internet..." - [ Michael Hawkins]
===An Orthodox what?!===
===A New Place to Play===
Like [ Wikipedia], [http://www, OrthodoxWiki] is a free-content encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to (either by writing new articles or editing existing ones). In the case of OrthodoxWiki, the content is specifically oriented towards Orthodox Christianity. It was started in November, so it is still in the "ground floor" stage of development.
I've fallen in love with this new resource because it appeals to a number of my proclivities--writing, editing, theology, organizing, and technology. Until the Christmas Break ends and I must return to school, I think this will be one of my major diversions. Check it out! - [[User:DcnMatthew|Deacon Matthew]]
"Glory be to Jesus Christ! Thank you for all the work that you and the rest of the OrthodoxWiki community has done in producing this
wonderful resource. It has served as a great aid to me in my own spiritual life and for that I am grateful." - Clement F. 12/23/06
===Wonderful work===
"Thank you for the wonderful work that you and everyone have done to start the OrthoWiki website. It is such a useful resource and I pray that it will continue to grow." - Saydeh 1/26/07
===Endorsements on [[w:Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/OrthodoxWiki|Wikipedia]]===
A list of Wikipedia articles linking to [[w:OrthodoxWiki|Wikipedia's article on OrthodoxWiki]] can be found [ here].
===From [ WikiIndex]===
* "Vibrant" []

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