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Holy Synod of Milan

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Today Metropolitan Evloghios remains at the helm of the Holy Synod of bishops of the Church of Milan, which comprises eight [[diocese]]s, four in Europe and four in America, as well as missionary deaneries in England, Spain and South Africa. The Milan Synod uses the [[Julian calendar]] exclusively, and "firmly resists the [[heresy|heresies]] of false [[ecumenism]] and trans-religious syncretism."[]
Since 1997 the Milan Synod includes a number of [[Western Rite]] communities, mainly in the United States, who were abosorbed absorbed from an ''episcopoi vagante '' organization. For example, St. Hilarion's Monastery in Austin, Texas, originated in the [ Liberal Catholic Church], a theosophist "church." Its bishop later [ ordained the head of the Gnostic Orthodox Church as a bishop], although the ordinand stated he did not need to receive the sacrament, as he had been a bishop in a past life. The Milan Synod reportedly did not see fit to reordain this lot upon acceptance. The principal rite of the Synod of Milan is the Byzantine Rite of the Orthodox Church, celebrated most commonly in the Slavic style but in some parishes in the Greek style.
==Ecclesiastical status==
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