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Demetri (Khoury) of Jableh

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Biography Of
Born: Taybeh-Ramallah, West Bank Region September 20, 1948, to the V.Rev. Ibrahim and Hanneh Khoury.
* Our Lady of Balamand Monastery, Koura, Lebanon * St. John of Damascus Orthodox Theological Academy (Balamand) Koura, Lebanon * Hellenic College, Brookline, MA (1974 -- B.A. in Philosophy and Religion) * Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, MA (1978 -- M.Div.)
* Deacon, September 6, 1975 * Priest, September 7, 1975 * Archimandrite, 1981 by Metropolitan Philip * Bishop, March 12, 1995, by Patriarch Ignatius IV, in St. Mary Cathedral (Mother Cathedral of the Antiochian Patriarchate), Damascus, Syria
* Pastor, St. George Church, Boston, MA * Pastor, St. Mary Church, Cambridge, MA * St. George Church, Allentown, PA * Dean, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Brooklyn, NY * Dean, St. George Cathedral, Coral Gable, FL * Bishop of Jableh (Syria); Auxiliary Bishop, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America (March, 12th 1995- ); assigned by Metropolitan Philip to Toledo, OH, Chancery.
* The Divine and Holy Gospel Book (Translation into English) * Liturgical Guide for Priests, Chanters, and Choirs (Edited annually)* Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts (Transtion into English) ==Bibliography: ==1#. Gillquist, Peter E., "The Elevation of Demetri (Khoury) to the Holy Episcopacy" WORD MAGAZINE 39.5 (May 1995), 4-8.
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