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Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia

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The '''Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia''', headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a [[diocese]] of the [[Church of Serbia]] in Great Britain and Scandinavia. Its current [[primate]] is His Eminence Dositej, [[Bishop]] of Great Britain and Scandinavia.
name=Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia|
The '''Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia''' is a [[diocese]] of the [[Church of Serbia]] with [[jurisdiction]] over Great Britain and Scandinavia, including Iceland. The episcopal [[see]] is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The current [[primate]] is His Grace Dositej (Motika), [[Bishop]] of Great Britain and Scandinavia.
== History ==
== Organization ==
===Parishes in the United Kingdom===
The diocese has seven [[parish]]es in the United Kingdom:
*Birmingham (Bournville) - Church of the Holy Prince Lazar. The principal [[church]] in the United Kingdom, popularly known as Lazarica.[]. Lazarica is located in Bournville, a model village on the south-west side of Birmingham, England, near the headquarters of Cadbury's Schweppes. The church serves the Serbian community in the Midlands that first arrived in England after Yugoslavia fell under the rule of the communists led by Tito. Thus, the community has always remained very pro-monarchist and routinely offers special prayers whenever there is a death in the Royal Family. The church was built through the generosity of the Cadbury philanthropic fund. The foundation was laid on [[September 12]], 1965 and construction completed in 1968. The senior priest at Lazarica is Milenko Zebic, the "patriarchal-vicar".
*Bedford - Church of St. Andrew the First Called.
*Bradford - Church of the Holy Trinity.
*Cardiff - Church of St. Nicholas.
*Derby - Church of the Holy Apostles.
*London - Church of St. Sava.
*Oxford - Church of the Holy Ascension.
== Organization =Parishes in Scandinavia ===There are ten parishes in Sweden:*Eskilstuna - Church of St. Anne of Novgorod.*Goteborg - Church St. Stephen of Decani.*Helsingborg - Church of St. Basil the Great.*Jonkoping - Church of the Birth of the Holy Virgin.*Kristianstad - Church of St. Demetrius.*Lund - Church of St. Mary Magdalene.*Malmo - Church of Ss. Cyril and Methodius.*Sodertalje - Church of St. George.*Stockholm - Church of St. Sava.*Vallavagen - Church of St. Nicholas. There is one parish in Denmark:*Nema Adrese - Church of St. Nicholas.
'''Iceland'''There is one parish in Norway::1 parish*Oslo - Church of St. Basil of Ostorg.
== The Episcopacy ==There is one missionary parish in Finland:
== External links =Parishes in Iceland===There is one missionary parish in Iceland:*Reykjavik - Church of the Birth of the Holy Virgin - founded in 2002.
==The Episcopacy==* [ Serbian Orthodox Parish in Iceland[Bishop]] [[Dositej (Motika) of Britain and Scandinavia|Dositej (Motika)]] 1990 - Present
{{incomplete}}==Sources==*[ Serbian Orthodox Parish in Iceland]*[ Listing of Serbian Orthodox Churches by Country]
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