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Domestic Church

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In the mind of many of today's Christians, religious education has become the task of the parish church, the Sunday school or the youth group. However, this has not always been the case. One of the foremost obligations (and privileges) of Christian parenting, is seeing that their children are brought up in the knowledge, love, and fear of the Lord. The Sunday School, which began as a Protestant movement, was designed originally for the religious education of the children of ''un''-believers. It was expected that children of believers would be trained by their parents.
There are a number of wonderful resources that are available, both in print and online, to aid the Christian parents in their educational role. Particularly useful are various resources from the Orthodox Christian publishers and book stores. (See the [[MarketplaceBooksellers|Orthodox Booksellers]].)
In addition to the education of children in faith and morals, adults in the Christian home are expected to continue their own growth in the faith. This is appropriately done by regular study of the Holy Scriptures, the Church Fathers, lives of saints and other devotional writings. These should be read, studied, and discussed in the home. Children should be encouraged to participate in the discussions at the level appropriate to their age.

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