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List of autocephalous and autonomous churches

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Church of Estonia (Ecumenical Patriarchate)
The '''[[autocephaly|autocephalous]] and [[autonomy|autonomous]] Orthodox churches''' are those churches which have self-government. These churches also constitute what is generally known simply as ''the Orthodox Church'', but may also be referred to as the ''mainstream Orthodox Church'' or ''world Orthodoxy''. They all recognize one another and are in [[full communion]] with each other.
There That they constitute the "mainstream" (i.e., that they are legitimately and/or exclusively Orthodox) is disputed by a number of groups with whom they are not in communion, such as most of the [[Old Calendarists]]. Despite these churches all being in communion with one another, there is not currently unanimous agreement on which churches are considered autocephalous or autonomous. There is, however, an order which is followed in international Inter-Orthodox gatherings, which is included here first. There is an expanded order which is recognized by some churches, most notably the [[Church of Russia]] and its dependencies and historical daughter churches. Despite the disagreement on which churches have autocephalous or autonomous status, all these churches maintain [[full communion]] with one another.
==Inter-Orthodox order==
*[[Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia]]
*[[Orthodox Church in America]] (autocephaly recognized only by Moscow, Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, and the Czech Lands and Slovakia)
It should be noted that in the [[diptychs]] of the Moscow Patriarchate and some of its daughter churches (e.g., the OCA), the ranking of four of the patriarchal churches is different. Following Moscow in rank is Georgia, followed by Serbia, Romania, and then Bulgaria. The remainder of the rankings beginning with Cyprus is the same.
===Autonomous churches===
*[[Church of Sinai]]
*[[Church of Finland]]
*[[Church of Estonia (Ecumenical Patriarchate)|Church of Estonia]] (autonomy recognized by Constantinople but not Moscow)
*[[Church of Japan]] (autonomy recognized by Moscow but not Constantinople)
*[[Church of China]] (virtually non-existent, autonomy recognized by Moscow but not Constantinople)
*[[Church of Ukraine]] (autonomy recognized by Moscow but not Constantinople)
*[[Archdiocese of Ohrid]] (autonomy recognized only by Serbia)
==Formerly independent churches==
*[[Church of Ukraine (Kiev Patriarchate)]]
*[[Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church]]
*[[Orthodox Church of France]]
*[[Macedonian Orthodox Church]]
*[[Montenegrin Orthodox Church]]
*[ World Orthodox Churches], from the [[OCA]] website
==External linkslink==
*[ Canonical Orthodox Churches Online]
[[ro:Lista Bisericilor autocefale şi autonome]]
[[ru:Список православных церквей]]

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