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Church of Bulgaria

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name=Patriarchate of Bulgaria[[Image:Bulgaria logo.gif|center|Church of Bulgaria]]|
founder=King Boris I|
independence=927, 1186, 1872|
recognition=927, 1235, 1945 by [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]] |
primate=[[Maksim Neofit (MinkovDimitrov) of Bulgaria|Patr. Maxim''Neofit of Bulgaria'']]|
hq=Sofia, Bulgaria|
calendar=[[Revised Julian Calendar|Revised Julian]]|
population=6,500,000 []|
website=[http://bulchwww.tripodbg-patriarshia.combg/boc/mainpage.htm Church of Bulgaria]
The '''Church of Bulgaria''' is one of the [[autocephaly|autocephalous]] churches of the Orthodox Christian communion whose territory consists of the Republic of Bulgaria. The church is led by the Patriarch of All Bulgaria.
The primate of the Church of Bulgaria has been is His Holiness [[Maksim Neofit (MinkovDimitrov) of Bulgaria|MaximNeofit (Dimitrov)]], Metropolitan of Sofia, Patriarch of All Bulgaria, who [[enthronement|enthroned]] since 1971on [[February 24]], 2013, succeeding His Holiness [[Maxim (Minkov) of Bulgaria|Maxim]] who had reposed on [[November 6]], 2012.
== History ==
*Diocese of Lovech (Ловчанска епархия)
*Diocese of Veliko Turnovo (Търновска епархия)
*Diocese of Dorostol and Cherven (Доростоло-червенска епархия) (with seat in Ruse)[]*Diocese of Rousse[]
*Diocese of Varna and Preslav (Варненско-преславска епархия) (with seat in Varna)
*Diocese of Sliven (Сливенска епархия)
== External links ==
*[http://bulchwww.tripodbg-patriarshia.combg/boc/mainpage.htm The Church of Bulgaria]: official website*[ Eastern Christian Churches: The Orthodox Church of Bulgaria] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar
*[ Orthodoxy Bulgaria]: unofficial page in Bulgarian language
[[es:Iglesia Ortodoxa de Bulgaria]]
[[fr:Église de Bulgarie]]
[[ro:Biserica Ortodoxă Bulgară]]

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