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John of Kronstadt

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[[image:Johnkronstadt.jpg|thumb|right|An icon of St. John of Kronstadt]] Our righteous father '''John of Kronstadt''' ([[October 19]], 1829 in Sura - [[December 20]], 1908 in Kronstadt) was an archpriest of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]]. His main commemoration is on the day of his birth, due to the anniversary of his repose being during the final days of the [[Nativity Fast|Advent]].
He was born as '''Ivan Ilyich Sergiyev''' in 1829. From 1855, he worked as a priest in Saint Andrew's [[cathedral]] in Kronstadt. Here, he greatly committed himself to charity, especially for those who were remote from the [[church]], and traveled extensively throughout the Russian empire. He was a member of the right extremist movement [[w:Black Hundred|Sojuz Russkogo Naroda]] (Alliance of the Russian people) but did not commit himself politically. He was already greatly [[veneration|venerated]] at the time he died. He was [[Glorification|glorified]] by the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]] in 1964 and by the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]] in 1990. The second largest [[monastery]] in St. Petersburg (by community size) is dedicated to St. John of Kronstadt.
[[Feast day]]: [[December 20]] (January 2 [[Old Calendar]]).

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