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Canon (hymn)

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# The [[Prayer of the Three Holy Children]] ([[Book of Daniel|Daniel]] 3:26-56)*
# The Song of the Three Holy Children (The ''Benedicite'', Daniel 3:57-88)*
# The Song of the [[Theotokos]] (The ''[[Magnificat]]'', [[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 1:46-55) and the Prayer of [[Zacharias]] the father of the [[John the BaptistForerunner|Forerunner]] (The ''[[Canticle of Zachary|Benedictus]]'', Luke 1:68-79)
Collections of irmoi for various occasions are found in the ''[[Irmologion]]'', one of the standard service books of the Orthodox Church. Irmoi and troparia for the canons are also found in the ''[[Menaion]]'' and the ''[[Octoechos]]'', and in the seasonal service books the ''[[Triodion]]'' and the ''[[Pentecostarion]]''.

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