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'''Note:''' This list excludes templates for the use in related [[Church Calendar]] articles for particular dates. If you create a new template for any reason, please add it to this list.
===General Templates===
*[[Template:DamickcopyDisambig]]- Used to clear up cases where multiple usages exist for the same word*[[Template:DisambigFeatured]]*[[Template:PD]]*[[Template:Starters]]*[[Template:Stub]] - Used to indicate articles that are sorely incomplete. (You can find all stubs here: [[...]])*[[Template:FairuseWelcome]]- Used to welcome and orient new members ===Content Templates===
*[[Template:Featured]]===Copyright Templates===
*[[Template:Htm]]- Used for icons taken from Holy Transfiguration Monastery
*[[]]- For icon taken from St. Isaac of Nineveh Skete*[[Template:Skete.comDamickcopy]]- For Rdr. Andrew's stuff*[[Template:StartersFairuse]]*[- Asserts that this image or article falls under laws governing [Templatehttp:Stub]// fair use]
*[[Template:Welcome]]===Other Templates===
Bureaucrats, Check users, interwiki, oversight, renameuser, Administrators

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