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Holy Doors

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[[image:Thedoors.jpg|right|thumb|An image of the Royal Holy Doors at the Troyan Monastery in Bulgaria.]]The '''Royal Holy Doors''' (also called the ''Holy DoorsBeautiful Gate'' or the ''King's GateRoyal Doors'', though the latter more properly refers to the imperial entrance into the nave) are the central doors of the [[iconostasis]], directly in front of the [[altar]] in an Orthodox [[church]].
On the Doors there is usually a diptych of the [[Annunciation]]. Sometimes they may also have the icons of the four [[evangelist]]s. To the right of the Doors (facing the iconostasis from the [[nave]] there is always an [[icon]] of [[Christ]], to the left is an icon of the [[Theotokos]] holding Christ, and directly above is the [[Last Supper icon]].
The Doors are opened at different points during the [[Divine Liturgy]] and other liturgical services depending on local tradition. However, they are almost always opened during the [[Great Entrance|Great]] and [[Little Entrance]]s, the [[Gospels|Gospel reading]], and the distribution of the [[Eucharist]].
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*[ OCA questions:Opening and closing of the Doors in various traditions]
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