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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Theotokos of Vladimir.jpg|100px|Our Holy Lady Theotokos]]
</div>[[Saint]] [[Gregory of Neocaesarea|Gregory ]] the [[Wonder-worker]] of Neo-Caesarea; Saint [[Nikon of Radonezh|Nikon]], [[Abbot]] of Radonezh, [[disciple]] of St. Sergius of Radonezh (see also [[September 25]] and [[July 5]]); Saint Lazarus the [[Iconographer]] of Constantinople; Saint Longinus of Egypt; Saint Gennadius of [[Vatopedi Monastery (Athos)|Vatopedi]] ([[Mount Athos]]); [[Martyr]] Gobron (Michael) and 133 soldiers of Georgia; Saint Maximus (Maximian), [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople (see also [[April 21]]); Saint Gregory, [[Bishop]] of Tours, and with him Saints Patroclus of Bourges, Ursus, and Leobatius, brother-abbots, and Nicetius of Lyons (Gaul); Saint Zachariah the [[Skete]]-dweller and Saint John, [[monk]]; Saint Justin, monk; Saint Gennadios [[Gennadius I of Constantinople|Gennadius I, Patriarch of Constantinople]]; [[Righteous]] Mother [[Hilda of Whitby]]; Saint Paisios Velichkovsky (see also [[November 15]])<noinclude>[[Category: Calendar day templates|November 17]]</noinclude>

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