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Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America

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Ascension of Metropolitan Pavlos
== Ascension of Metropolitan Pavlos ==
In 1997, Metropolitan Petros reposed, and in 1998 his grandnephew, [[Archimandrite Pavlos (Stratigeas)]] was elected as the Metropolitan of North and South America. He was installed in March 1998. In 2000, A[[rchimandrite Christodoulos]] was consecrated titular [[bishop of Theopoulis]] to assist Metropolitan Pavlos.
In February 2006, Metropolitan Pavlos suffered a stroke and was incapacitated. The Archbishop became ''[[locum tenens]]'' and at present no move is being made until the extent of Metropolitan Pavlos's recovery is known. As of December 2006, there has been tremendous progress in Metropolitan Pavlos's recovery.
Currently there are 8 parishes, a mission, and a mission station in formation.
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