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[[Image:Nevsky.jpg|left|100px]]'''[[Alexander Nevsky]]''' was the Grand Prince of Vladimir and [[Novgorod]] during the period of the thirteenth century when the Russian lands were under assault from both the East and West. His military victories in the West and diplomacy in the East kept northern Russia free of foreign domination. The [[Church of Russia]] recognized him as a [[saint]] in 1547. His feast day is [[September 12]].
In an age of great turmoil Alexander Nevsky was a man who defended his lands and people with great courage and whose action, while questioned by some, successfully maintained the territorial integrity of his lands for his people. As a consequence of his humble submission to the Tatar khan, Alexander was able to preserve the principality of Novgorod and other Russian lands from ruin. It is for his humble concern for his people that he was recognized as a saint by the Church of Russia in 1547.

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