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Category:Featured Articles

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This page category highlights particularly well-written and complete '''OrthodoxWiki ''' articles. As there are hundreds of articles on OrthodoxWiki, we can use your help in keeping track of the great ones. Please use the [[Category_talk:Featured Articles|discussion page]] to nominate an article for this category or to dispute an article's featured status.
===A featured article should:===
* Be '''comprehensive''', '''factually accurate''', '''stable''', and '''well-written'''. Please read [[Help:How to write a great article|''Great Writing'']] to see how high the bar can be set.
** '''Comprehensive''': Covers the topic in its entirety; does not omit any major facts or details.
** '''Accurate''': supports facts with specifics and external '''citations''' (beware vague justifications such as "''some people say''").
* Include '''references'''. This must be done by using a ==Sources== section and may be enhanced by the appropriate use of inline citations. If there are few references and the material is uncontroversial, inline citations are often unnecessary, though strongly advised.
* Comply with the '''standards''' set by the [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual|'''style manual''']].

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