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[[Image:Thefamily10-05Serving.jpg|framethumb|right|This picture of my family was taken in October 2005 at my parish in ChicagoC'est moi]][[Image:Mailbox. My wifejpg|thumb|right|C's head isn't usually so white - that is just an effect of the lighting!est ma femme]][[Image:Girls.jpg|thumb|right|Ce sont mes filles]]'''I am the founding Sysop of OrthodoxWiki.''' You can contact me by leaving a message on my [ discussion page], or clicking the [ E-mail this user] link in the "toolbox" on the sidebar. I can also be reached directly by email at ''info '' at this domain name.  We have a great team of moderators on OrthodoxWiki dot org. However, if you have serious concerns about an article and need a quick response, I'd encourage you to let me know directly. I'm not omniscient.
==About Me==
I am a [[priest]] in the [[Orthodox Church in America]] and a Ph.D. student at the [[Wikipedia:University_of_chicago|University rector of Chicago]].  Other places you can find me are:*[ Christ the Savior St. Juvenaly Orthodox ChurchMission]*[http://ocf.uchicagoin Kailua-Kona, Hawai' Three Hierarchs OCF at The University of Chicago]
See also my Wikipedia User page: [[Wikipedia:User:Jschroe]].
My contributions to OrthodoxWiki can largely be described as "[[meta:Metapedianism|metapedian]]" - that is, I spend most of my time here worrying about the structure and community of OrthodoxWiki rather than writing articles. That's the way it is for now, maybe that will change someday!
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==Ryokan #1031==
==A Few Quotes==
*"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." - Common proverb
*"Be kind to everyone you meet, because everyone is engaged in a mortal battle." ''The Sayings of the Desert Fathers''
*[[/Wiki to-do]] - My personal wiki to-do list
*[[/articles]] - links to articles, some by me and many by others
*[[/quotes]] - more quotes
*[[/thoughts on writing]] - from various sources
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