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Sophrony (Sakharov)

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Paris revisited
===Paris revisited===
*1947: Circumstances (possibly There are a number of possible reasons as to why Elder Sophrony left Mt Athos. It may have been due to his deteriorating health, or to publish St Silouan's works, possibly or to complete his theological education, possibly ; it may simply have been due to deteriorating health, possibly due to difficulties the problems of being a non-Greek on Mt Athos after WW2) forced the close of World War II. Nonetheless, Elder Sophrony felt compelled to move to Paris. , where Balfour helpes helps him gain a passport.: The faculty of St Sergius Institute allow Elder Sophrony to sit the examinations of the whole course, providing and to provide for his needs; however, upon his arrival, this is blocked by the faculty insistence insist on Elder Sophrony denying , by silence , the grace of present in the [[Church of Russia|Moscow Patriarchate]], which he refused . Elder Sophrony refuses to dothis and, therefore, does not reenter the Institute.: Elder Sophrony settles in Russian House, an old-age home, in St Genevieve-des-Bois, assisting where he assists the priest and acting acts as the father confessor. He has a major operation on a stomach ulcer.*1948: In the next year, Elder Sophrony produces the first mimiographed mimeographed edition of ''Staretz Silouan'' on hand-roneo. In itWithin this text, Elder Sophrony outlines St Silouan's principles of theology, and he explains many fundamental concepts (, among them prayer for the whole world, God-forsakenness and the idea of all humanity being connected)interconnected.*1950: sees Elder Sophrony works working with [[Vladimir Lossky]] on the ''Messager de l’Exarchat du Patriarche Russe en Europe Occidentale'' , which he does until 1957. Lossky influences Elder Sophrony's thought on many contemporary issues , and compliments complements Elder Sophrony's work on Trinitarian thought and its application to the Church and humanity; however, Lossky would not talk about a deified human nature, nor about the idea of God-forsakenness in a positive view, as Elder Sophrony did.*In 1952: , Elder Sophrony produces a professional second edition , professionally done, of ''Staretz Silouan''. This book brought , bringing much fame to both St Silouan and Elder Sophrony, and included a theological introduction to St Silouan. Based on Lossky's works, based on Lossky finding criticism that he could find no theological value in the Saint's works, Elder Sophrony included a theological introduction to St Silouan's writings
===Essex, England===
*1958: Elder Sophrony had many people living near him and seeking the monastic life. A property at Tolleshunt Knights, Maldon, Essex, England was inspected.
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