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[[Image:Horologion.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Horologion, Venice 1535]]The '''Hours''' are four relatively brief prayer services of the [[Daily Cycle]] that mark the various principal hours of the day.
* '''''First Hour''''' corresponds to daybreak (6:00 a.m.).
* '''''Ninth Hour''''' corresponds to mid-afternoon (3:00 p.m.)
These services, together with the other services of the Daily Cycle, are usually contained in a bound collection called the '''Book of Hours''', also known as the Horologion (Greek) or Chasoslov (Slavonic).
== General Structure of the Hours ==
Each of the services of the Hours shares the same general structure.
*The service opens with the [[priest]]'s exclamation ''Blessed is our God ...'' and the [[Trisagion Prayers]]. (Note: this opening sequence is omitted if the service immediately follows another service.)
*Three chapters from the Psalter appointed for the particular Hour are read (First Hour: [[Psalms]] 5, 89, 100; Third Hour: Psalms 16, 24, 50; Sixth Hour: Psalms 53, 54, 90; Ninth Hour: Psalms 83, 84, 85)
=== Alleluia Seasons ===
*During an [[Alleluia Season]]:
**a [[Psalter#Kathismata|kathisma]] may be appointed. If so, it is read following the usual reading from the Psalter.
**the troparion of the day is replaced with troparia and [[stichera]] particular to the Hour.
=== Mesoria ===
During the [[Nativity#Nativity_fast|Nativity Fast]] and the [[Apostles' Fast]], each of the First, Third, Sixth, and Ninth Hours is followed by an additional service called a [[Mesorion]] (inter-hour). The Mesorion starts immediately after the final prayer.
=== Royal Hours ===
On the eves of the feasts of [[Nativity]] and [[Theophany]] and on [[Holy_Week|Holy Friday]], the usual services of the Hours are combined and replaced by the more solemn [[Royal Hours]]. The Royal Hours include hymnography, prayers, and scripture readings related to the feasts they anticipate.
=== Paschal Hours ===
== Online Texts ==
*[ The First Hour]
*[ The Third & Sixth Hours]
*[ The Ninth Hour]
*[ Paschal Hours]
*[ Paschal Hours, for Lay use]
*[ The Hours], modified for personal use,
*From the [ Online Reader Service Horologion] compiled by Priest John Whiteford ([[ROCOR]])
**[ First Hour]
**[ Third and Sixth Hours]
**[ Ninth Hour]
*[ The Lesser Hours], from [ Anastasis], the website of the Monastery of St. Andrew the First Called, Manchester, England
== Sources ==
* ''The Liturgikon: The Book of Divine Services for the Priest and Deacon'', Bishop [[Basil (Essey) of Wichita]] (ISBN 0962419001)
* [ Website of the St. Raphael Clergy Brotherhood of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America]
* ''The Festal Menaion'', tr. by Mother Mary and Archimandrite (now Bishop) Kallistos (St. Tikhon's Seminary Press) (ISBN 1878997009)
* ''The Pentecostarion'', tr. Holy Transfiguration Monastery (ISBN 0943405025)
* ''The Great Horologion'', Holy Transfiguration Monastery (ISBN 0943405084)

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