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Sinai monastery
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[[Image:Romanian_hieromonkSinai Monastery.jpg|100px|A Romanian hieromonkSt. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt]]</div>The '''[[Church of RomaniaSt. Catherine's Monastery (Sinai)]|]''' is one a [[monastery]] on the Sinai peninsula, at the foot of Mount Sinai, in Egypt. It was built at the site where [[Moses]] is believed to have seen the [autocephaly|autocephalous[Burning Bush]] Orthodox churches, which is alive and on the grounds. The majority of Romanians in Romania by a very wide margin (about 20 million Though it is commonly known as ''Saint Catherine's'', or 86.7% the actual name of the population, according to monastery is the '''''Monastery of the 2002 census data) belong to itTransfiguration'''''. In terms It is sometimes also known as the '''''Monastery of population, the Church of Romania Burning Bush'''''. It is second the oldest Christian monastery in size only to the [[Church of Russia]]world.
In Originally founded by the Emperor St. [[Justinian the Great]] in 527, the monastery has weathered numerous changes in the history of the region, including the Romanian language it is most often known as '''Ortodoxie'''invasion of [[Islam]], but is also sometimes known as '''Dreapta credin&#355;&#259;''' whose founder Mohammed himself guaranteed protection for the monastery. ("right/correct belief"&mdash;compare The monastery still has possession of a written document from Mohammed to Greek ''&omicron;&rho;&theta;&omicron;&delta;&omicron;&xi;&iota;&alpha;''prove it.) In the 9th century, "straight/correct belief"the site was associated with St. [[Catherine of Alexandria]] (whose [[relics]] were miraculously transported there). Orthodox believers are also known as '''ortodoc&#351;i''', '''dreptcredincio&#351;i''' or '''dreptm&#259;ritori cre&#351;tini'''and it became a favourite site for [[pilgrimage]]s.
The current primate is His Beatitude [[Teoctist (Arapasu) of Romania|Teoctist (Arapa&#351;u)]], Archbishop of Bucharest, Metropolitan of Ungro-Vlachia, and Patriarch of All Romania, ''Locum Tenens'' of Caesarea in Cappadocia.  '''''Recently featured:''' [[Church of Romania]], [[Ligonier Meeting]], [[Constantine the Great]], [[Harold of England]]. Newly [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented every '''Friday'''.''
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