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Anastasy (Gribanovsky) of Kishinev

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In the world Aleksandr Alekseyevich Gribanovsky, he was born August 6, 1873, in Bratki village, Borisoglebsky district of Tambov province, Russia to Priest Aleksey and his wife Anna (nee Karmazina).
After completing the Tambov Religious School and then the Theological Seminary, he enrolled in the [[Moscow Theological Academy]], then under the rectorship of Archimandrite [[Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev|Anthony (Khrapovitsky)]], the future Metropolitan and First Hierarch of the [[ROCOR]]. After completing the Academy, in April 1898, he was tonsured a monk by Bishop Alexander of Tambov with the name Anastasy for St Anastasy of Sinai. On April 23, 1898, he was ordained [[hierodeacon]], and shortly thereafter [[hieromonk]].

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