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Australian jurisdictions without a local bishop

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Orthodox Church in Ukraine
{{orthodoxyinaustralasiaorthodoxyinaustralia}}This article seeks to serve as a catch-all point for the five jurisdictions in Australia who are small enough to not warrant a resident bishop- both current (Bulgarian Orthodox Diocese and Moscow Patriarchal parishes) and former (Orthodox Church in America and Polish Orthodox Church Abroad). The largest  ==Consistory of these groups is a Vicariate under the Patriarch Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Australia and New Zealand==*Number of Parishes: 10 parishes and 2 missions, in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand.*Hierarch: Metropolitan Antony (Scharba). Based in New Jersey USA.*Began: 1950*Consistory President: Very Rev. Michael Solomko*See more information and list of parishes on [ Ukrainian Consistory on Orthodox Australia and Oceania]*See more information on [ Diocesan Listing on Ecumenical Patriarchate website] (including outdated parish directory at bottom of Romaniapage).
==Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese in the USA, Canada and Australia==
*Began: First parish in 1950.
#Sydney: St [[John of Rila ]] Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church. [][]
#Melbourne: Sts Cyril and Methodius Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church. []
#Adelaide: St Petka Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church. []
==Moscow Patriarchate in Australia==
*Number of Parishes: Three Two in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle).*Hierarch: Metropolitan Kyril Bishop Mark of Smolensk and KaliningradYegoryevsk, Head of Department Special Secretariat of External Church Relations, Patriarchate the Patriarchal Chancellery for Administration of Moscow and All RussiaPatriarchal Establishments Outside the Patriarchal Territories.<ref>[]</ref> *Began: First parish in 1988 (.#Sydney: Holy Protection Orthodox Church, Blacktown. Established 1988. []#Melbourne: Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Oakleigh. Established 1989. []#Newcastle: Parish of the Theophany, Mayfield West. Established 1996, since closed (c.2010); second parish  ==Orthodox Church in Melbourne; third parish Ukraine in 1996 (MayfieldAustralia==*Number of Parishes: 5*Began: 6th January 2019*Orthodox Church of Ukraine -Former 'Kyivan Patriarchate': Part of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, with 5 parishes in Sydney, Newcastle), Adelaide and Brisbane. *With the Decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople 11/10/18 starting from Patriarch Philaret and Metropolitan Makary all anathemas, defrokments & excommunication were uplifted and all clergy under them restored to canonical status. On the 15/12/2018 the new head of the church Metropolitan Epiphanios was elected by the united Sobor of bishops assembly. Autocephaly and Tomos to the Ukrainian church was officially handed to the Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Epiphanios on January 6th 2019 in Constantinople by the Ecumenical Patriarch.
==Orthodox Church in America - Parishes in Australia==
''main article: [[Parishes in Australia (OCA)]]''
*Number of Parishes: Two in Australia (one in Sydney, one in Brisbane)None.*Hierarch: Metropolitan [[Herman (Swaiko) of Washington and New York|Herman of Washington and New York]], administrator of the Parishes in Australia
*Began: 1971, in ROCOR schism.
#Sydney: St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Bankstown. Parish left ROCOR for OCA in 1971, and canonically transferred to the Antiochian Archdiocese in 2001.
#Brisbane: Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church, Woolloongabba. Priest left ROCOR in 1971, began a new OCA parish in 1974; parish canonically transferred to ROCOR in 2009.
#Sydney: Australian Orthodox Fraternity of St Michael, Homebush. Laypeople left ROCOR in 1971, and began a new OCA parish. Parish canonically transferred to the Serbian Diocese in 2011.
*Ended: 2011.
==Polish Orthodox Church in Australia==
*Number of Parishes: One in South Australianone.*Hierarch: ''unknown''*Began: 19711969, in with two priests who left ROCOR schism. ==Romanian Orthodox Vicariate for Australia and New Zealand==*Number of Parishes: Seven were received as priests in Australia (2 in Melbourne, 2 in Sydney, 1 in Adelaide, 1 in Brisbane, 1 in Perth), three in New Zealand the Polish Orthodox Church Abroad (Wellington, Auckland, Christchurchunder the Ecumenical Patriarchate).*HierarchEnded: Patriarch Teoctist Uncertain; however, both priests became priests of Romania.*Vicar: Revd Fr Dumitru Coman (Melbourne).*Began: First parish in 1972OCA parishes.
==External links==
*[ Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese in the USA, Canada and Australia]
*[ Moscow Patriarchal Church Blacktown]
*[ Romanian Churches com/books?id=Zuoyd6jG6q8C&lpg=PP1&dq=protopopov&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false A Russian Presence: A history of the Russian Church in Australia], by V. Rev. Fr [[Michael Protopopov]] (page 239).
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