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Sergey Khoruzhy

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[[Image:Horuzhy.jpg|thumb|right|Dr. Sergey Horuzhy, October 2006]]
'''Sergey Sergeevich Horuzhy''' ({{stublang-ru|Сергей Сергеевич Хоружий}}, also spelled "Khoruzhy" and "Horujy" in English) is a Russian philosopher, physicist, mathematician, and theologian.
Sergey Sergeevich Horuzhy (ХоружийDuring the Communist era, also spelled "Khoruzhy" he worked as a theoretical physicist and "Horujy" studied and wrote theology underground. He is noted for his work in English) is a twentieth century [[Russian philosopherreligious philosophy]], physicistespecially [[Pavel Florensky]] and [[Sergius Bulgakov]]. More recently, mathematician, and theologianhe has focused on analysizing the theological anthropology at the heart of the [[Hesychasm|Hesychast tradition]].
In 2005, he founded the [[|Institute of Synergetic Anthropology]]. He is also a member of the [[|Foundation for Spiritual Creation]].
==External Linkslinks==
* [ Institute of Synergetic Anthropology]
* [ Foundation for Spiritual Creation]
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