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Mary Magdalene

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=== Apostolic work ===
"In Ephesus, according to the tradition and testimony of many of the holy Fathers and ecclesiastical writers, the holy Mary Magdalen assisted the holy Apostle and Evangelist [[John the Theologian]] in his evangelical labors, remaining there until she herself reposed in peace and was buried in that city."<sup>[[#Notes|1]] p.23</sup>
[[Troparion]] (Tone 1)
:In keeping His commandments and laws, O holy Mary Magdalene,
:You followed Christ, who for our sake was born of a virgin,
:And in celebrating your most holy memory today,
:We receive forgiveness of sins by your prayers!
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 4)
:When God, who is transcendent in essence,
:Came with flesh into the world, O Myrrhbearer,
:He received you as a true disciple, for you turned all your love toward Him;
:Henceforth you would yourself work many healings.
:Now that you have passed into heaven, never cease to intercede for the world!
Kontakion (Tone 3)
:Standing before the Cross of the Savior,
:Suffering with the Mother of the Lord,
:The most glorious Mary Magdalene offered praise with tears.
:She cried out: What is this strange wonder?
:He who holds the whole creation in His hand chooses to suffer:
:Glory, O Lord to Your power!
== Notes ==

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