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Job (disambiguation)

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''' ''Job'' ''' may refer to the following:
* [[Job the Long-suffering]] († ca.1650 B.C.), [[May 6]]<ref>''[ Righteous Job the Long-Suffering].'' OCA - Feasts and Saints</ref><ref>Great Synaxaristes: {{el icon}} ''[ Ὁ Ἅγιος Ἰὼβ ὁ Προφήτης ὁ Δίκαιος].'' 6 Μαΐου. ΜΕΓΑΣ ΣΥΝΑΞΑΡΙΣΤΗΣ.</ref>
* [[w:Job of Manyava|Job (Kniahynytsky)]] of [[w:Manyava Skete|Manyava Skete]], Monk († 1621), [[June 24]]<ref>Dr. Alexander Roman. ''[ June].'' Calendar of Ukrainian Orthodox Saints (Ukrainian Orthodoxy - Українське Православ'я)</ref><ref group="note">St. Job (Kniahynytsky) and St. Theodosius of the Manjavsky Skete.</ref>
* [[Job of Pochaev]] († 1651), [[October 28]]<ref>''[ Repose of the Venerable Job, Abbot and Wonderworker of Pochaev].'' OCA - Feasts and Saints.</ref> and [[August 28]]<ref>''[ Uncovering of the relics of the Venerable Job, Abbot and Wonderworker of Pochaev].'' OCA - Feasts and Saints.</ref>
===Deceased Bishops===
* [[Job I of Antioch]] († 826)
* Job of Alexandria, [[List of Patriarchs of Alexandria|Patriarch of Alexandria]] († 960)<ref group="note">During his tenure as Patriarch, Emperor Nicephorus Phocas, seized several cities in Syria, which provoked the destructive anger of Muslims against Christians.</ref>
* [[Job of Moscow]], first [[List of primates of Russia|Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia]] († 1607)
* [[Job (Boretsky) of Kiev]] († 1631)
* Job of Novgorod, [[List_of_bishops_of_the_Diocese_of_Novgorod#Metropolitan_of_Novgorod_the_Great_and_Pskov_1577.E2.80.941721|Metropolitan of Novgorod the Great and Pskov]] († 1716)
* [[Job (Kresovich) of Kazan]] († ca.1960)
* [[Job (Osacky) of Chicago]] († 2009)
===Current Bishops===
* [[Job (Smakouz) of Kashira]]
* [[Monastery of St. Job of Pochaev (Munich)]]
* [[Book of Job]], in the [[Old Testament]]
* ''[[w:Answer to Job|Answer to Job]]'', a 1952 book by [[w:Carl Jung|Carl Gustav Jung]] that addresses the moral, mythological and psychological implications of the [[Book of Job]].
* [[w:Book of Job in Byzantine illuminated manuscripts|Book of Job in Byzantine illuminated manuscripts]], fourteen known Byzantine manuscripts of the Book of Job dating from the 9th to 14th centuries.
<small><references group="note" /></small>
*[[Job the Long-suffering]] - the Biblical figure
*[[Book of Job]] in the [[Old Testament]]
*St. [[Job of Pochaev]]
*Archbishop [[Job (Osacky) of Chicago]]

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