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<!--nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->[[Image:StJohntheMerciful.jpg|100px|left]]Our father among the saints ''The '''[[John the MercifulEpiscopal Assembly of North and Central America]]''''' was [[patriarch]] of Alexandria between 611 and 619. He gained his epithet from his unstinting generosity , founded in distributing the vast wealth 2010, consists of all the [[patriarchate]] active Orthodox bishops of Alexandria to the poor North and afflictedCentral America, representing multiple jurisdictions. The main source for his biography It is a Life written by Leontius of Neapolis in Cyprus. John was born in Amathus on Cyprus c. 550 the successor to the patrician EpiphaniusSCOBA, a governor of the island. He married and had childrenit is not, properly speaking, but was a widower when he was called to become patriarch of Alexandria in 611, becoming the fifth Chalcedonian bishop of Alexandria to bear that namesynodJohn's remarkable almsgiving or mercy (''eleemosyne'' in Greek) in distributing the vast wealth The Episcopal Assembly of the [[patriarchate]] of Alexandria to the poor North and afflicted gave him his epithet Central America is one of ''Merciful''. His care was not limited to his own flock in Alexandria, but extended to the people of Palestine in their sufferings. He was forced to flee Alexandria by several such bodies around the Persian invasion of Egypt world which operate in 619. Returning to Cyprus, he died soon thereafter. A few years later much of John's work of reconciliation with the Nonso-Chalcedonians of Egypt was undone by the violent persecution instituted by Cyrus, who was both his successor as patriarch as well as prefect of Alexandria. John is commemorated in the Orthodox Church on [[November 12]]called "diaspora."
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