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::This page is in the marketplace category, so it seems appropriate to have links to ''people'' who write and sell icons. It might be nice to have another page (we'd need to have two similar article-titles, and perhaps link the articles under a ''see also'' section) for an encyclopedic iconographers. Perhaps ''Famous Iconographers''? --[[User:Magda|magda]] 08:52, 17 Jun 2005 (EDT)
::Actually, this article is more an overview of contemporary iconographers working (mostly) in the English speaking world. There are arguably more important iconographers in the "Others" list than in the main body. It is a bit confusing to see a student of Phil Zimmerman getting a paragraph, whereas Phil himself gets a mere link. Likewise, Fr. Luke Dingman, Michael Piechocinski, and Jan Isham are at least of the stature of most of the iconwriters who have whole paragraphs. I wonder if this article shouldn't be more appropriately entitled "Contemporary Iconographers".[[User:Jerry picker|Jerry picker]] 18:20, September 14, 2006 (CDT)
==Nature of the article==
I am not sure that this article will ever be encyclopedic in nature. I have continued to add iconographers. Let me know what you think. [[User:Joe Rodgers|Joe]] 20060118

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