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<BR>Moved to Japan, 1979.
<BR>Married Naomi Sophia Ozaki, at the Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Tokyo, 1981. (<FONT FACE="SYMBOL">O anhr authV hnesen authn, Pollai qugatereV ekthsanto plouton, pollai epoihsan dunata, su de uperkeisai kai uperhraV pasaV.</FONT> (Ihr Mann lobt sie: «Es sind wohl viele tüchtige Frauen, du aber übertriffst sie alle. / Su esposo la alaba: Muchas mujeres han realizado proezas, pero tú las superas a todas.) [Prov. 31:28-29])
<BR>One daughter, born 1982. Permanently disabled and living at home.

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