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Since 1992, when the schismatic 'Free Church' came into the Serbian Patriarchal fold, it has been visited by several canonical Orthodox [[bishop]]s, including the Serbian [[Patriarch]] [[Pavle (Stojcevic) of Serbia|Pavle]] in November 2004.
A sad chapter in the history of this church took place in August 2006, when Bishop Milutin took the unprecedented step of removing the antimins from the church and thereby making it impossible for any liturgical services to take place in this historic church. The issue that sparked this action is reported to be due to the church connection to the Serbian anti communist freedom fighter "Draza Mihailovic". In particular the plaque that appears at the entrance to the church which carries a dedication to Draza.
Bishop Milutin leaves ther Diocese in September 2006, having presided for 3 years and leaves behind a legacy that is filled with controversy and mistrust throughout the land.

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